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Genevieve D. FaraonPrincipal, High School

My dear Parents and Students,

I hope that you are all in perfect health and doing well.

I am aware that we all have our little battles during this uncertain period in our history. The Covid-19 pandemic is a reality we all have to face. It has drastically and suddenly disrupted our lives in so many different ways, and one of the most dramatic shifts was for education to be virtual. While the school’s priority is the health and safety of our students and teachers, PCCR responded and continued its goal for students to have academic progress and move forward in this kind of environment.

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Teachers get trained on digital education and remote learning strategies. PCCR made sure that education will continue and found ways to reduce the negative impact this pandemic will have on learning.

Educational innovations and initiatives were put in place and are working excellently, especially with our competent and technology-driven teachers at their helm. Our faculty is not only prepared but equally skilled to deliver quality online instruction.

Regretfully, some of our teenagers struggle socially and emotionally because of the sudden restrictions imposed by authorities. They need to stay apart from their friends and classmates that cancel important educational milestones and traditions such as proms and graduation during this pandemic.

With this, the school provided support for social and emotional learning through webinars, guidance and counseling services, and many other meaningful online activities that foster social interaction and creative expression.

In this light, allow me to invite all of you to our home and experience digital learning at its best. PCCR High School is not just a school, but a family of a supportive, caring, loving, and growing community that takes pride in faculty excellence, educational technology, character development, and academic achievement where every student’s life matters.

For now, let us continue to pray for our country and our world in these extraordinary times. Please take care of yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

I look forward to welcoming you this coming school year.

PCCR | Karim

Dr. Jezreel VicenteDean of Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminology, under the newly-formed College of Criminal Justice, is undeniably the most sought-after academic program in the institution. Being the pioneer school for scientific crime detection and police science education in the Philippines, we are proud to note that the most respected personalities in crime prevention and law enforcement started their training in PCCR.

A meaningful quote says: “Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come!”

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Here at PCCR, our primary goal is not just to help you achieve your college diploma but also to take care of your transformation. So that someday, you become an agent of change that displays competence, integrity, righteousness, justice, discipline, and manifests the spirit of servant leadership. We wish you to become an asset to our country and your own family. Come and stay with us. Together we can do great things and make your future brighter. Your “what will be” will not only empower you to let go of your “what was” but it will also encourage you to accept your “what is”.

Here at PCCR, we have competent faculty members who are not just experts but also have the heart of parenthood to guide you in your academic journey. We have advanced laboratory resources to expose your skills in crime detections and solutions. We have responsive and quality instruction deliveries that guarantee to shape your knowledge, skills, and attitude. We have proven programs to help you hurdle licensure examinations and other government examinations.

As your newly-appointed dean, I humbly believe that God can bless us to produce more topnotchers and so be one of them. In His guidance, PCCR will be one of the centers of excellence in the years to come. To God be the glory.

PCCR | Karim

Dr. Rhem Rick CorpuzDean of the Graduate School

The graduate school was opened on June 12, 1961, to offer the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, with specialization in Criminology then Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology followed in 1993. Today, both programs are ISO-9001:2015 certified by the International Organization for Standardization.

The programs Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization (MSCJ) in Criminology and Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology have four (4) semesters, and six (6) semesters, respectively.

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The Learning Modality is online, and the schedule of classes is every Saturday.

The Faculty members of the Graduate School are from the different pillars of the Criminal Justice System (Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Courts, and Correction) that are qualified and competent to handle the courses offered.

PCCR Graduate School gives scholarships or discounts to the members of the tri-bureau (Philippine National Police, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, and Bureau of Fire Protection).

We are very much willing to assist the students in the enrollment procedures and securing the necessary documents, such as Transcript of Records and Diploma after graduation.

PCCR | Karim

Atty. Sergio CenizaDean of Manila Law College

The MLC Law Academic Program

MLC takes pride in its distinction as the oldest Filipino law school in the country.

Aside from such distinction, MLC distinguishes itself as the school of the ordinary, hardworking Filipino students. At MLC, we give the optimum opportunity to students with a limited budget for a law school education to pursue their dreams of becoming members of the Bar. MLC kept its tuition fees low but academic standards high to encourage more students to obtain a law degree and bring their dreams of becoming lawyers to complete fruition.

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The Peculiarity of MLC as a Law School of Choice

Most law schools train their students to pass the Bar Exams. Others hone their students to become great lawyers.

In MLC, we journey with our students as they trek the long and arduous road to achieve their dreams. The goal is not only to pass the Bar exams but to be great lawyers. We take pride in providing our students with high-quality legal education at a very affordable cost. MLC endeavors to achieve its mission of helping an ordinary man achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer and being a valuable asset in Philippine society.

Why Study at MLC?

The cost of legal education in the Philippines is beyond what an ordinary working student can easily afford. We, at MLC, do not subscribe to the idea that only those who are financially well-off can pursue their dream of becoming lawyers. MLC takes pride in providing one of the most affordable tuition fees among law schools in the country. Despite its low tuition fee, MLC has a corps of professors comparable to the best schools in the Philippines. Our professors are composed of national bar reviewers, veteran academicians, justices and judges, prosecutors, high-ranking government officials, and law practitioners from well-known law firms.

Join us at MLC today and take your first step towards the achievement of your dream!

PCCR | Karim