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December 5, 2023

By: Geal Erbeth Naluz

A night of connections and companionship was held last November 17, 2023, as the PCCr Alumni Association Celebrated the 1st One PCCR Alumni General Assembly and Fellowship Night , Spearheaded by Philippine College of Criminology at Winford Resort Hotel and Casino Santa Cruz, Manila. The grand venue added an air of charm to the occasion, strengthening the bond among the respected alumni gathered for this memorable event.

The event kicked off with a press conference together with media companies like the Manila Bulletin, Inquirer, Astig PH, Manila Times, and Tribune. During this session, PCCR leaders and special guests, including President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista; PBGen Nicanor A. Bartolome (Ret.), President of One PCCR Alumni Association; Hon. Jorge Antonio Bustos, Congressman and Patrol Party List Representative; Dr. Mandy Gonzales, Board Member, and Dean Gaypelyn Casiw, Treasurer of One PCCR Alumni Association, shared insights and highlights of the upcoming festivities. At the press conference, Astig PH asked about the decision to bring together all alumni for a unified event and questioned why this marked their first assembly. President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista explained that the decision was driven by significant changes under the new administration. “There have been several organizations in PCCr” “Always the associations are parang bula o lilo lilitaw lulubog”  “Sometimes there are disagreements so well when the new administration took over, we get a lot of major changes”  she jokingly said.  “we want to give new flavor I like something fresh like a reboot so I proposed to really just start over and reorganize a new  organization and so it would be easy and it would be centralized we could manage it so it could run with good governance, professionalism and I decided we should just have a one PCCr alumni association” she proudly said.

After the press conference, the event smoothly transitioned into an interactive segment where attendees explored future plans, discussed upcoming activities, and shared heartfelt messages for the alumni. Within moments of concluding the press conference, the lively celebration began with a gracious acknowledgement of the attendees, followed by a roll call of each batch. Dr. Kerwin Bartolome took center stage, offering warm words of welcome that filled the venue, establishing an inviting and festive atmosphere of the evening. Soon after, attendees were treated to a delightful serenade by a live band, creating a pleasant atmosphere as they enjoyed a buffet dinner. Following the dinner,  a video presentation unfolded, offering a glimpse into the exciting events and fun activities planned for the upcoming 70th founding anniversary celebration of the school next year. The raffle draw brought excitement as winners were announced. Cheers and applause filled the room, creating a lively atmosphere of community and shared joy. Following the raffle, PBGen Nicanor Bartolome Ph.D. (Ret.) took the stage to introduce the keynote speaker, Hon. Jorge Antonio Bustos. In his address, he shared that, despite not being a PCCR graduate, he now understands the excellence of the school and his professors who taught him. He humorously remarked, “Hindi ako graduate ng PCCR, magaling ang mga Professor ko dahil taga PCCR sila. Malamang sa second life ko ma-eenroll na ako sa PCCR”

Hon. Jorge Antonio Bustos shifted the focus to the solution of effective law enforcement during his speech. He asked, “Ano po ba dapat talaga i-approach para maging effective tayong law enforcers?” It’s not just about skills with guns or the number of cases solved, he emphasized that they have to make new ingredients for shaping. He introduced a new perspective, saying, “The new doctrine now is that we should incorporate another hat. Let’s make the police and other law enforcers assume a multi-hyphenated role.” He added a heartfelt note, “Lagyan natin ng puso ang mga enforcers” According to him, fixing problems doesn’t come from more hatred but from love. This simple yet meaningful message left a strong impression, urging everyone to think about what it truly means to be an effective law enforcer.

After Hon.Bustos speech, Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista, the President of PCCR, took the stage to deliver her acknowledgment speech. She highlighted the activities from the 69th-year anniversary celebration, recognizing the significance of the journey. The President presented an award to the keynote speaker as a token of appreciation. One of the highlights of the night was the acknowledgment of the six great alumni of PCCR. Among them were Asec Gil T. Torralba, PB Gen. John C. Chua, PBGen Rizalito Gapas, Atty. Alfegar M. Triambulo, PLTCOL. Tirso Escobar (Ret.), and Dr. Esther B. Verdana. All of the awardees offered a brief speech expressing appreciation for the honor bestowed upon them. The night wrapped up with a fun raffle draw, music, dancing, and refreshing drinks. It was a memorable experience of the 1st One PCCR Alumni General Assembly and Fellowship Night.



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