Our History

February 14: The Plaridel Educational Institution was established by Supreme Court Justice Felix Angelo Bautista (JFAB), offering a Bachelor’s degree program in Criminology, at 641 Sales Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

The institution’s name was changed to the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR).

June 12: PCCR started offering the Master’s degree program in Criminology

Dr. Eduardo J. Bautista (EJB) was installed as the second president of PCCR.

April 20: PCCR started offering the Doctorate degree program in Criminology.

The EJB Building was inaugurated at 650 Sales Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dr. Gregory Alan F. Bautista was installed as the third president of PCCR.

Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista Lim was installed as the fourth president of PCCR.

June: The PCCR Graduate School attains its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

September: The Bachelor of Science in Criminology program attains its Level 1 Accredited Status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

September: The Bachelor of Science in Criminology program was promoted to the Level 2 Reaccredited Status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

December: Mr. Rodolfo Valentino F. Bautista was installed as the fifth president of PCCR.

July: Ms. Angelica Lei G. Bautista was installed as the sixth president of PCCR.

2022 May: The two newest programs, “Bachelor of Forensic Science” and “Bachelor of Science in Industrial Security Management, were offered.

July: PCCR Learning Institute (PLI) was founded to connect with organizations and institutes. Starting with the Cyber Security Certification Program, PLI aims to create a knowledge-focused community.

November: The inaugural PCCR Alumni General Assembly and Fellowship Night was celebrated and launched.

2024 February: Celebration of PCCR 70 years of unwavering passion, integrity, and excellence in the law enforcement industry.

Accreditation and Affiliations

PACUCOA LEVEL II Since April 2019

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • PCCR | Armed Forces of The PhilippinesArmed Forces
    of The Philippines
  • PCCR | Bureau of Jail Management and PenologyBureau of Jail Management and Penology
  • PCCR | Bureau of CorrectionsBureau of Corrections
  • PCCR | National Bureau of InvestigationNational Bureau of
  • PCCR | Philippine Drug Enforcement AgencyPhilippine Drug Enforcement Agency
  • PCCR | Philippine Coast GuardPhilippine Coast
  • PCCR | Philippine National PolicePhilippine National Police

Organizational Chart

Message from the President

PCCR | Ms. Ma. Angelica Lei G. BautistaAs your president, I extend warm greetings as we approach the dawn of a new age, united in our pursuit for greater heights. Our key initiatives —growth, academic excellence, student experience, employee excellence, productivity, efficiency, and going green—guide our collaborative journey.

In the spirit of expansion, PCCR is prepared to pioneer new academic offerings, such as a BS in Cyber Criminology and various micro-credentialing programs, especially in the fields of IT, cybercrime, and cybersecurity, marking yet again significant pioneering milestones as we commemorate our 70th founding anniversary. These new programs will strengthen our relationships with law enforcement agencies, ushering in a new era of graduates ready to take on the challenges and triumphs of the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

Academic excellence remains paramount. After two to three years of our online operations, we are excited to welcome you back to our blended campus, understanding the need to raise students who are comfortable maneuvering through technology. Our commitment to developing top-tier criminology professionals, fostering a research culture, and supporting our faculty will remain unwavering.

Your student experience is of the highest priority. Our upgraded facilities and services, like the “One Stop Shop Enrollment Center,” PCCR Concierge, and improved Students Lounge, are designed to foster friendships, develop dreams, and hone leadership abilities.

Employee excellence is integral to our success. Through professional development, team building, and a performance management system, we enable our professors and staff to contribute to shaping the PCCR experience. Restructuring and continual training help us align with our vision and objectives.

Productivity and efficiency are not just words; they’re cornerstones of our institution. PCCR is on track to become an ISO-certified school, leveraging technology to prioritize quality, speed, and efficiency for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Finally, our dedication to green initiatives is not merely symbolic. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, PCCR will embed sustainability into its fabric, supporting environmentally friendly activities and creating a legacy of stewardship. Our community projects strive for a paperless and green campus, with each unit implementing the ECOSAVERS program.

This journey is not mine alone; students, teachers, staff, alumni, and stakeholders have all contributed to its success. Let us continue to move as one, led by our basic values—passion, integrity, and excellence—that define PCCR’s 70-year history.

Let us write a new chapter in PCCR’s history, one characterized by outstanding accomplishments and an unshakable commitment to shaping the future of criminal justice education.


Ms. Ma. Angelica Lei G. Bautista, MBA

Message from the Executive Vice President

PCCR | mr. Karim L. BangcolaThis year marks another milestone year for PCCR as it celebrates 70 years of academic excellence in criminal justice education this 2024.

True to its mission to Inspire and transform lives towards nation building, PCCR has shaped the minds and hearts of some of the country’s leaders in law enforcement, public service and the professional sector since its establishment in 1954.

The transformation of the institution shifts to higher gear as we face the challenges of law enforcement in cyberspace. PCCR will continue to leave its mark as the country’s premier law enforcement education institution as it innovates its programs towards law enforcement for cybercrimes.

PCCR students and alumni will be ready and prepared to face the challenges of this new arena in law enforcement with its cyber security enhanced criminology programs and the offering of microcredentials in cyber security, digital forensics, AI and information technology.

Much has been accomplished in the past 70 years but it is not the time to rest on our laurels. There is much more to be done. The pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey.

We salute the PCCR Alumni, students and employees.


Mr. Karim L. Bangcola
Executive Vice President for Business Development

Message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs

In celebrating our esteemed institution’s 70-year legacy, I’m inspired by our role in creating positive impacts on Philippine society’s safety and security. PCCR has been a stalwart force in social transformation and nation-building. We’re enthusiastically committing to actively driving change rather than drifting along with time.

Recognizing the need to balance relevance with tradition, top management has reengineered our structure and direction strategically. The revitalized PCCR embodies renewed vigor, aiming not only to adapt to change but also to turn it into growth opportunities. We affirm our dedication to academic excellence through quality assurance mechanisms.

With proud roots and a historic moment at our core, PCCR is now positioned as a leading institution for criminal justice education. As we continue our legacy, we’re excited to announce the addition of a cyber criminology program to our academic offerings, expanding our horizons further.

As we ascend, we’re mindful of our influence and responsibilities to God and the nation. Upholding humanist education goals, we’re committed to refining our students and shaping a better tomorrow, focusing on spiritual and moral education. The teaching and learning experience is on a positive trajectory, seamlessly integrating technology into our instructional DNA.

Our vision extends globally as a hub for innovative programs and excellence in Criminal Justice Education. Together, we’ll sustain an esteemed academic reputation, fostering a research culture that positions us as leaders in our field. I’m excited about the journey ahead and the collective efforts to propel PCCR to new heights.

Shielilo Amihan, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Board of Trustees

Ma. Angelica Lei G. Bautista

Lei brings extensive sales and management experience in Finance, IT, and HR from both Philippine and US contexts. Former Director of Student Affairs at PCCR, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from the University of the Philippines-Manila and an Executive Master’s in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management.

PCCR | Mr. Rodolfo Valentino F. Bautista

Rodolfo Valentino F. Bautista
President Emeritus

Dino served as PCCR’s Senior Vice President for Finance for the past nine years before assuming the role of President in January 2021. He has dedicated his service to PCCR since 1990 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the East.

PCCR | Mr. Paul Victor B. Villegas

Paul Victor B. Villegas
Chairman of the Board

Paul Vic is a businessman who has spent years in marketing and corporate sales, having retired from PLDT several years ago. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management from De La Salle University.

PCCR | Ms. Corazon B. Javier

Corazon B. Javier
Board Member

Chiquita is a businesswoman who runs several businesses and is an active community civic leader. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from Assumption College.

Carl Bautista
Board Member

Carl Bautista is a seasoned businessman, advisor, and board member with 25 years of banking experience. He served as Managing Director at Credit Suisse until 2017, holding key roles across Asia and the U.S., including in Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong. He holds a Master of Management from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University.

PCCR | Ms. Ma. Elena Bautista

Ma. Elena F. Bautista
Board Member

Elena completed her academic journey at St. James Academy in Malabon for grade school, followed by Maryknoll College in Quezon City for high school. She then attended St. Theresa’s College in Quezon City, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business. She further refined her education at the Finishing School in Magallanes.

PCCR | Ms. Cristina Isabelle P. Alejandro

Cristina Isabelle P. Alejandro
Corporate Treasurer

Criselle has worked in both the government and the fashion industry before joining Balibago Waterworks, a water utility company, where she rose through the ranks to become its Senior Vice President. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Ateneo de Manila University.

PCCR | Mr. Jean Paul Lim

Jean Paul Lim
Board Member

Jappy has been involved with environmental, climate change, and marine conservation organizations for more than a decade before assuming the role of heading PCCR’s Purchasing and Procurement Department since 2016. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños.