For the Good of the
Public and the Country
“Pro Bono Publico Et Patria”

The Research Center


Research plays a huge role in higher education and, therefore, is an integral component of the college’s function in knowledge generation, analysis and dissemination. To continually develop, strengthen and sustain a functional and viable research and extension program, the institution must seek the evolution of a research culture of excellence within its halls.

It is thus important that PHILIPPINE COLLEGE OF CRIMINOLOGY aims to develop a culture of excellence reflected in a research program guided by the college’s academic and organizational goals. To attain this, there is a need to treat the various curricula, the college’s educational delivery systems, and research collectively and integrally.

The translation of the College’s vision and mission into meaningful research activities is necessary so that it can generate, acquire, and apply knowledge for both institutional and national development. To aid in the institutionalization of these activities, the Research Center (RES), shall spearhead the institutionalization of a framework for PCCR’s research development and publication programs and activities.


Vision - Mission

The RES Vision

The RES envisions itself as a recognized center of excellence in the generation, capture, analysis, enhancement, application, and diffusion of knowledge through research.

The RES Mission

The RES exemplifies the Philippine College of Criminology as a globally recognized research-oriented educational institution with a total enabling environment for research.

Research Goals and Objectives

RES Goals

The Research Center shall pursue the following goals:

  1. Lead the College in knowledge generation, capture, analysis, enhancement, application, and diffusion within the National Capital Region;
  2. Address current human and societal concerns through relevant research collaboration between the College and its stakeholders;
  3. Develop a research infrastructure in the College that fosters a culture of research;
  4. Empower the faculty, non-academic employees, and students in research through capacity-building activities; and
  5. Demonstrate the research capacity of the PCCR through its participation in and or/hosting of national and international research conferences.
  6. Establish the position of PCCR as a leading research college through the publication of an accredited journal of research.

RES Objectives

The RES shall aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improve the research capability of faculty, the non-academic employees, and students;
  2. Increase the research productivity of the institution, through the faculty members, staff and students, in areas that can contribute to local and national development.
  3. Generate knowledge or technologies needed for
    1. Higher education development particularly in the field of criminology and criminal justice;
    2. Policy plan formulation, particularly for its various program offerings and the College as a whole; and
    3. Developing innovative programs that would place PCCr in the cutting-edge of Criminal Justice education and research in the country.

For the Academic Year 2022-2023, the PCCR RES will conduct a research proposal colloquium to screen research proposals of the PCCR faculty. It will also hold the 1st PCCR International Conference on Criminological Research in December 2022.